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Our Class 4th B

Once upon a time, there was a fine High School in the city of Prague in the heart of Europe. In September 1968, only few days after Soviet military invasion, new class 1st B was opened there. About 25 boys and 11 girls at the age of 15 started their secondary studies there. They were quite common. At the beginning they were a little bit affraid of new teachers, new milieu and even each other, but during 4 years of their studies, they became good friends. Many of them even fell in first innocent love there, one pair even got married.

After closing exams in June 1972, most pupils of 4th B class were sad, that the lovely period of student life was going to end. They decided to save all memories from the school and from their joint trips. There were many photos (black and white only, made usually at home in dark bathrooms), several motion picture films (taken by contemporary 8 mm soundless cameras) and some 8 hours of sound dialogues and memories recorded on casette tapes. All these materials have been carefully stored and later on, during next years, even extended.

Former pupils went on to meet each other at many occasions. Every 4 years they met all together and also with some of their former teachers („professors“). Most of them have finished university studies and became doctors, engineers, lawyers, mathematitions, journalists, etc. Most of them became fathers or mothers. Unfortunately, two boys have died.

In 1998, in the age of CD technologies and worldwide communications, 26 years after closing exams, we decided to gather all existing pictures, movies, sound records and interesting facts (eg. current adresses) relating to history of 4th B, convert them to digital form and arrange them to multimedial PC programme. The work and endless discussions about the best arrangement of all materials took us hundreds of hours, many weekends, afternoons and nights. But we hope, we succeeded.

The result has been first placed od CD and shortly after it an Internet version came into being. You can see it now and enjoy it.

Welcome !

We wish you good entertainment.

Editors:  Drahomír Bárta, Jan Beneš, Jan Cinger